Warning: Do not install this app if you are not asked by Government of Manipur to quarantine !!!

Standard Operating Procedure for Home/Village Quarantine App (QuarMon)

If you have been advised by the Government of Manipur to undergo home/village quarantine (after discharge from Institute/Community Quarantine Centre), you have to install the QuarMon app on your smartphone. The government will monitor location through this app during your quarantine period. Please follow the instructions below :-
  • 1. Install QuarMon
  • Warning : If you are not advised by Government of Manipur for home/village quarantine, please do not download or use this app.
    • (a) Android
      • Download the mobile app QuarMon on your smartphone from here.
      • Click on the downloaded file to install the app (You may be asked to change system settings to allow "Install app from unknown sources".)
      • If you see "Cannot open file error!!", please open your file manager/downloads menu and install the QuarMon-1.5.apk file from there. You may try a browser other than chrome.
    • (b) Apple iOS
      • Please search for QuarMon in Apple’s App Store and install it. A minimum iOS version of 9 is required.
      • QuarMon currently does not support Dark Mode (for iOS 13 and above). To disable Dark Mode go to Settings->Display & Brightness->select ‘Light’ mode and toggle off ‘Automatic’.
    • (c) Other
      • QuarMon is not currently available for Feature phones and other mobile platforms
  • 2. Register yourself
    • You need to complete registration before leaving the Community/Institute Quarantine centre for home
    • Open the app and press on the "Register" button.
    • Enter your details. You need to provide at least one mobile number.
    • After successful registration, a unique QID will be generated for you.
    • Please take note of this QID for future reference and submit this QID to the concerned authorities at the Community/Institute Quarantine centre at the time of discharge.
  • 3. Start Quarantine
    • Only after reaching your home/village (place where you will be home/village quarantined), please click on "Start Quarantine" button and follow the instructions in the app.
    • You have to take a selfie photo (without face mask) every two hours (8 am to 6 pm) by clicking "Take Selfie" button in the app till your quarantine period is over.
Important !!! : Please keep Data connection and GPS "ON" all the time during Quarantine Period.
Quarantine Monitoring System, Goverment of Manipur, 2020
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